Connect the blockchain with the internet

We are living in exciting times. Blockchain technology gets more user friendly every day and more people see the potential benefits. I’m working on this daily with WordProof, with for example our WordPress plugin which allows every site owner to take ownership over their content. While this is exciting, and I highly encourage you to try it, there are many more opportunities to get more users involved into the blockchain.

What is WordProof?

WordProof is a platform that uses blockchain technology to allow website owners to take ownership of their content, like with the WordPress plugin.

How does WordProof help in taking ownership of content?

WordProof uses blockchain technology to prove the authenticity and integrity of website content and timestamps to show when it was created or modified.

Is WordProof free to use?

Yes, there is a free plan available for WordProof which you can access at

How does WordProof integrate with WordPress?

WordProof offers a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to easily use their service to timestamp and secure their content on the blockchain.

What are the potential benefits of using blockchain for website content?

Blockchain can help ensure the integrity, authenticity, and ownership of website content, as well as provide timestamps and history of content modifications.